Anya’s word revelation

I just met Anya Kamenetz, and the first thing she said to me was “your name is a verb!”  

To be fair, my name is both a noun AND a verb — but Anya went on to point out that verb names are usually male: “Peter (as in peter out), Mark, Drew, Bill, Will, Bob, Chuck, Buck, Trip, Skip, Flip, Grant, Spike, Mike (Mic), Pat (unisex), Mat, Josh, Dash, Ham, Biff, Rock”, and nouns or adjectives names tend to be female: “Amber, Rosy, Daisy, Jasmine, Violet, Lily, Pearl, Ruby, Summer, April, Angel, Amber, Carol, Grace, Faith, Hope, Autumn, Eve, Dawn”.

I brainstormed for a minute to try and come up with a counterexample, and the best I could come up with was “May”, a potential adverb, although unfortunately connotative of hesitation or indecision in that sense, and more likely a reference to the month (again a noun).

I think this revelation is pretty stunning and it makes me wonder about the ways my name may have affected my life?  What do you think the significance of the verb/noun+adjective male/female correlation is?



(FWIW, Anya astoundingly happens to be the sister of a woman I picked up hitchhiking and gave a ride to SF to from Burning Man last year.. does meeting her qualify as a coincidence!?!?)


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  1. Lee-kai

    We (the crowd of people to whom things like this trickle down across the internet… and also just: I) are skeptical of the claim. Hope, grace, and carol, for example, have the same verb power as your name.

    But let’s compile more data. Here: