The $0.30 BART ticket dilemma

At Ashby BART today some guy was panhandling for spare change or bart tickets, so, he said, he could get to the city.  BART lets you add money to your card, but not combine cards, and this guy had amassed a pretty solid stack of therefore totally useless 5¢-30¢ BART cards.  

Clearly the BART is making mad amounts of cash by this policy, as well as generating large quantities of useless ticket stubs which could quite easily be converted by some diligent person into a potentially much-needed ride somewhere.

I mean, just saying, BART is pretty much the most expensive public transportation I’ve ever used, in the world, and it serves way under capacity — are they intentionally trying to keep poor people out/immobile?

[and another note, for all this cashflow, BART still can’t even mitigate the ridiculous noise levels!]



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2 responses to “The $0.30 BART ticket dilemma

  1. boranj

    I read a book “planning disasters” iirc which claimed Bart was built in a very expensive way. It had something to do with long routes and many trains to distant places which were in turn only served by cars, so ridership couldn’t be large on most of the runs. High density housing and services near BART stations could fix that.

    • boranj

      hey there, boranj — you posted as me, but I (Star Simpson) did not write the comment. Who are you? curious.

      Yes it does seem that bart was built in an unnecessarily expensive and low volume way.