Scott just alerted me to the incredibly awesome Lunocet monofin, designed to facilitate a whole new concept in humans + water:  hydrotouring — like bike touring, except under water!!

WHAT!  That is so cool!  I figure I could push 40 miles a day in water if I really went for it, (it’s a bit hard to account for time/drag from  breathing, and the thermal energy drain) which would definitely allow for an enjoyable tour around the Hawaiian Islands.  Even 20 miles a day underwater would be pretty awesome.

The fin is especially cool, and better than the other typical monofins that have been out there forever because of the biomimetics action you get from the clip-in shoe + spring assembly.  Judging by the way they’ve chosen to cant the wearer’s feet, I’d say you could get a pretty solid kick out of them.

This guy, Ted Ciamallo, famous for making some of the world’s lightest high-end bicycle brakes, is also working on a really cool human powered submersible for doing underwater research, called SubHuman.  He even built a million gallon swimming pool in his backyard, just for testing the project.  I look forward to the day when I can so readily support my projects.


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