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I just recently learned of this great thing called a “divergence test”.  You’re probably familiar with convergence tests — all IQ tests measure your ability to predict or ‘converge’.  A divergence test, on the other hand, has a more open ended form, and is used to measure a person’s creativity.  “List as many uses for a blanket as you can”, for example.  You either have a time limit, or strive to fill a piece of paper.  The answers give you a sense of the person’s ability to be imaginative.

Yesterday I was asked (off-handedly, by someone not familiar with the concept of a divergence test) if I had any use for a tank of low pressure helium, scavenged off the streets.  I instantly recognized it as a divergence test.  Go!

“you could bubble it through an ice cube tray and then serve drinks that slowly made your guests get squeaky voices, you could throw a neutral buoyancy party where you fill balloons with helium and air at the exact mixture where they neither float nor fall, but hover wherever in the room you let them go, you could use it to refill your bike tires..”

I rambled.  I felt pretty good about my answers too (especially the ice cube idea, which is good enough to save and do, when I can), which has me on a kick of coming up with divergence tests.

For example, how many uses can you come up with for a watertight blue tarp?

Give yourself five minutes and fill in the comments section!


Todd demonstrates Neutral Buoyancy at a tEp party in Boston

Todd demonstrates Neutral Buoyancy at a tEp party in Boston


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