Electronic Scooter Hacking

I’m learning.  I’m converting an electric scooter I found to a horseless electric roman chariot, for personal transportation, of course, and I’m making the motor controller work today.

I was lead to believe that I could treat my scooter throttle like a big resistor, a big potentiometer.  TURNS OUT that mostly they’re hall effect sensors that give you a varying voltage (0-5V in, 1-4 out).  I didn’t find a lot of info on this on the internet, but thankfully Geo filled me in on some of the details, and I used my power supply and voltmeter to figure out the rest.

So, my circuit is getting modified (in the direction of simplicity, awesome) and will not involve a 555 to PWM the motors to the tune of a throttle’s varying resistance.  I think maybe this is helpful information to publish! More Roman Charioteering to come!


I also found this website informative: http://www.ebikes.ca/troubleshooting.shtml



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2 responses to “Electronic Scooter Hacking

  1. hey now, if you need random small EV consulting, you can always ask me x3

    i made the same mistake of switching a hall sensor and a pot type throttle ages ago.