Sound Sleep on a Long Flight

I’ve made the six hour flight from the US Mainland to Hawaii many times, and I usually try to sleep through as much of it as possible.  I have never slept so well on an airplane as this time, or been so comfortable on a layover.   By empirical evidence, I have created the world’s best travel pillow.

All it took was a stroke of inspiration and some children’s “water wings”.  I took the inflatable pool toys to Rachel’s craft-hacking group, and created some sheaths for them in under 30 minutes with a scrapped t-shirt and Rachel’s primo sewing machine.  Then, to my long flight home, for testing.

awesome travel pillow 1

awesome travel pillow 2

awesome travel pillow 3

I am massively pleased with the results.  It’s amazing how much more wonderful life when you wake up feeling actually rested!  Also, they’re super-light and they pack up tiny.

One unexpected added benefit was discovering that these keep my hands were really warm — much nicer than finding various limbs asleep, or joints crimped into awkwardness and discomfort — which is how I think of all prior airplane and travel sleep.

I am absolutely packing these first on all future travels.



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28 responses to “Sound Sleep on a Long Flight

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  3. micheal

    patent these things and retire early!!! That is a great idea, with the proper marketing, you may have just invented the next “white out” type thing!!

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  10. Sounds like a great idea – better than bringing a special sweatshirt to the airport :-P

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  12. Stephane Liu

    Great idea. You’re awesome!

  13. varenc

    Cool stuff! I’ll have to ‘borrow’ some from my little brothers… enjoy maker africa, (and start using that .st domain!)

  14. These are awesome. I’m going to make some for my hour long morning commute. :D

  15. Pam

    great idea. It reminds me of my brace that I sleep in for carpal tunnel.

  16. ubck

    That looks pretty neat! I use one of those little neck pillows they sell at the airport even though I don’t find them all that comfy.

  17. deliveryqueen

    Star you have a blockbuster here. Before you go any further you need to copywrite this idea get a patent and watch your idea take off. There have been so many stupid ideas that have made millions for people such as….. pet rock and chia pet. The list can go on and on. You can be a millionaire too!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this is the secret……YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE. Believe it or not!!!!! I believe it. Now YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! Good luck..P.S. I wish I could sew. Could you make me one? I’ll be your first customer. I am serious.

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