Update: I’m headed for Ghana!!

This morning, my heart pulses a new blood: the blood of someone who has a yellow fever vaccine!!

Why is this important?  Well, I’ve been keeping this news under wraps, just in case I couldn’t get vaccinated/visa’d etc. in time, but now I can say officially — I’m going to Ghana, for Maker Faire Africa[1]!  (Ghana doesn’t admit travelers without yellow fever immunization)

I’ll be there probably from the 9th to the 19th of August, and in the capital city Accra for Maker Faire,  squarely in the middle of those dates (14th-16th.)  Maker Faire Africa is going to be huge, in terms of scale, as well as impact — there are over 1,000 registered attendees so far!

My goal is to document as much of it as possible (I’ll be affiliated with Make Magazine), in order to preserve and share the collective knowledge with people around the world.  I strongly feel that there’s a lot to learn from the innovation that arises in a resource-scarce environment, and I’m excited to learn and see what that looks like! (a lot of my inspiration is from the blog AfriGadget[2])

As for travel, I’ve heard recommendations to travel up the Ivory Coast, and to see the former slave trading outpost on Gorey Island (aptly named).  If there are any other stops I should def. make, let me know!

related links:

[1]Maker Faire Africa: http://makerfaireafrica.com

[2]AfriGadget: http://afrigadget.com/

also, if anyone is looking to get travel-vaccinated, I highly recommend Dr. Rod Perry @ The Travel Doctor in Oakland — I walked in at 9 and left vaccinated just 1 hour later.


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  1. joshuahhh

    Coincidentally, I’ve been really obsessed with the Mountain Goats’ album “Ghana” lately. As far as I know it has nothing to do with the country (it’s a compilation of a bunch of unrelated EPs). But, also coincidentally, I think it might be the sort of music you’d like. Give it a listen, if you can manage.

    Of course, that’s all quite trivial compared to the fact that you are GOING TO AFRICA AHHH AWESOME.