Persuasive Technology

Wow, this is really cool —

“Kendra Markle[1], bio:  I build tools for healthy behavior change using persuasive technology. I believe new mobile health tools will produce better health outcomes for big health issues, such as managing chronic conditions. Plus they’ll be more fun than traditional treatments and very cost effective at scale.”

I am now thinking about persuasive technology.  This is a fabulous idea, and an excellent class of technologies to think about.

For example, I researched and built a robotic shirt to sense spinal position and help people have healthier postures & decrease back pain, by providing tactile feedback to retrain muscle memory.  And, I already frequently build little things to help myself, into my life (low-tech example: leaving keys by the door).  Until now, I hadn’t seen that project as part of the larger class of persuasive techonologies, which I think is a wonderfully suggestive and inspiring term.


[1] Reference,, creating computer-assisted therapy


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