Playtime Programming Party

I just threw Boston’s 1st party on playing with Programming-Languages-I’ve-Been-Meaning-To-Try, and I think it was a great success!  I invited over a whole bunch of people to convene on the goal of playing with programming languages they’ve always been meaning to try, and haven’t gotten around to sitting down and checking out yet.  

Some folks played with JQuery, there was a fifteen minute tutorial on Brainfuck, and another bunch got their Processing legs.  I played quite a bit with ChucK, an audio programming language, and learned more about audio filters, by doing so.  There was a strong crowd interested in Erlang and Haskell,  and Perl6 got quite a bit of interest, but obviously no hacking because the Perl6 people can’t get their act together and haven’t released it yet.

So it looks as though I’ll be throwing another one in a month or so!


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  1. i am glad you are back at MIT, they needed you