Unacceptable Behavior by Firefox

I’d like to note that I just discovered a FOURTEEN GIGABYTE file logging firefox errors.  Not only is this completely fucking mindblowing — fourteen gigabytes is a *lot* of errors — but I’m pretty sure firefox only managed to curb its wanton error-barfing because it had filled my entire boot disk.  What’s more, is that these errors were all related to firefox not being able to properly allocate memory (malloc), while it gratuitously chewed through mine.  WTF.

This sort of bad engineering makes me want to go on a Hulk-style rampage.  NOT OKAY, FIREFOX!



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4 responses to “Unacceptable Behavior by Firefox

  1. Alioth

    Where was it? Can it be safely gotten rid of?

    • boranj

      I use a Mac; it was in /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log.2

      or something like that. You’ll notice when it happens, because your boot disk will just miraculously be filled. And if you sort through the log files, you’ll notice that most of them are on the order of several hundred bytes, maybe a couple k — and then one of them will be FOURTEEN GIGABYTES!

      I used a visual disk analysis tool to find it. The lone 14G file stood out pretty conspicuously. How Mozilla expect the average person to handle this is beyond me.


    • boranj

      Oh, and yes, you can definitely just delete that stuff.

      It was pages upon pages of text where firefox complained that malloc (memory allocation) wasn’t working right.

  2. TitaniumDreads