WordPress Critical Shortfall

Uh, to my horror, not only can I not edit my CSS here, I can’t seem to embed vimeo videos either!

So, I’m ditching wordpress here pronto.  Any recomendations?



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5 responses to “WordPress Critical Shortfall

  1. really? that’s shocking!

    I like the minimalism of http://tomayko.com/, the everything of tiddlyspot.com, and the ease of http://posterous.com/ (eg http://stefan.grothkopp.com/) and tumblr… i’m not sure any of those are what you’re looking for though. Bloxsom, in whatever language implementation, is classic.

    I’ve got a virtual server if you need hosting

  2. Host your own wordpress.

    There’s cheap-o hosting to be found all over the place, plus as a bonus you can get your own domain.

  3. I am new to the whole wordpress hosting thing. I appreciate this article, you really helped me out here. Thanks.

  4. I concur with Mr. Figueroa’s assessment.