Announcing the Official Launch of PlushCuffs!

I’m happy to announce that PlushCuffs are now officially on sale, at

Finally, here’s a way to sleep well on airplanes! PlushCuffs slip around your wrist, so you get them exactly where you feel comfortable, and your arms will never fall asleep.

PlushCuffs are incredibly lightweight, pack small, and make it easy for you sleep comfortably in a natural position. They are perfect for travel, or even for just grabbing quick naps while on the move.


Word, readers!  Big thanks to all the encouraging comments on the blog — you made this happen!


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One response to “Announcing the Official Launch of PlushCuffs!

  1. LP

    Nice idea Star!
    I think you could try to contact Lauche und Maas and Globetrotter in germany, there could be distributors of the PlushCuffs here.