About Me

Hey!  I’m an electrical engineering and computer science student at MIT. My interests span a board range, and I like to build things. I frequently write about both, here at this blog.

I’d love to get an email from you! I’m stars+boranj at mit dot edu

See also: http://starbur.st/me.html

You can see some of my favorites built projects at http://starbur.st/portfolio.

What does “boranj” mean?

1. having the qualities of an inelegant iterative step that works
but will eventually be replaced by something better.
2. of or like an evolutionary step.
3. having both functional and awkward qualities.

I chose it as the title of my blog because I like to remember that it’s okay, even necessary, to write and build things that may be imperfect, as they are boranj.

definition via boranj.com


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