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Tire Wear

About a month ago, Tim gave me four or five really gorgeous bike tires that someone else was going to throw out.  I finally borrowed some of Geo’s leathercrafting hardware, and made two of them into stylish belts:



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Sound Sleep on a Long Flight

I’ve made the six hour flight from the US Mainland to Hawaii many times, and I usually try to sleep through as much of it as possible.  I have never slept so well on an airplane as this time, or been so comfortable on a layover.   By empirical evidence, I have created the world’s best travel pillow.

All it took was a stroke of inspiration and some children’s “water wings”.  I took the inflatable pool toys to Rachel’s craft-hacking group, and created some sheaths for them in under 30 minutes with a scrapped t-shirt and Rachel’s primo sewing machine.  Then, to my long flight home, for testing.

awesome travel pillow 1

awesome travel pillow 2

awesome travel pillow 3

I am massively pleased with the results.  It’s amazing how much more wonderful life when you wake up feeling actually rested!  Also, they’re super-light and they pack up tiny.

One unexpected added benefit was discovering that these keep my hands were really warm — much nicer than finding various limbs asleep, or joints crimped into awkwardness and discomfort — which is how I think of all prior airplane and travel sleep.

I am absolutely packing these first on all future travels.


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